About us

A game for everyone – Pickleball


In our childhood we haven’t done anything but play. Then the time went by and the daily routine and the hardships of life side-track our attention from happy playing.

At the Fair-way SE we gather together few times a week so that we can relive the happiness of the game through pickleball. There will be smile on our faces again like before, because we think we deserve it, doesn’t¬† matter our age, sex or anything.


Why do we choose pickleball for this? It is really easy to learn as it is very similar to tennis. The badminton size court makes it quite light and hardly burdensome at all, not like other racquet sports. Besides it extremely improves your reflex and concentration.


If you would like to have amazing fun, play and experience happiness you only had in your childhood, then come and try this fun game for free. (About our new venue there will be information soon)

Oh, and don’t worry, we are not professionals either, we just love this game. ūüôā

More information:

Zolt√°n BŇĎhm¬† +36/30/458-12-31